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Tips To Paint Wood Doors

The door opening is used as a place and out . The doors are usually made ​​of wood . The door was part of a house . Houses with wooden doors give the impression of simple elegance . In addition to the simple and elegant impression , wooden doors also give the impression of friendly and hospitable to visitors home . No wonder strange when many homes and prefer to use wood raw material for the door to get the impression – the impression .

However, wooden doors are very easy to peel paint wood – his . To fix this , you can use the following tips :

  • Eliminate wood paint still clinging to the door with a wooden paint removal products . Usually sold in paint stores or buildings
  • Sand the wooden door so smooth and eliminate the rest – the rest of the paint timber may still stick .
  • Clean the sanding wooden door that the results are not left behind
  • Paint the wooden door with a primary ( base layer as Mowilex Stainblocking Wood – Primary as retaining sap wood ) . Find special primer paint for wood .
  • When you do not want to use a primer paint , could use putty . Wood putty that pore – a pore in a closed timber so that the paint can wood stick longer and the results are good .
  • Sandpaper back so the results more subtle . Do not forget to clean the rest – the rest amplasan attached .
  • When finished cleaning amplasan results . Wooden door with paint brand and color of paint timber diinginakan . It could also use a wooden paint politer like ‘ Mowilex Woodstain Solid / Transparent ‘ to produce natural color of wood .
  • Wait for it to dry to add another layer of paint to -2 with the same wood so thick .
  • To be able to last longer , use a clear wood paint coatings as his 3rd . Search for clear wood paint that is resistant to UV rays of the sun terhadapat .

Simple steps for painting wooden door in order to last longer .

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